Tree library recommendations?


I work in architecture archviz and I’am looking for a good (paid) tree library for that purpose, any recommendations?
What are your experiences with botaniq real trees etc?

Botaniq is pretty awesome and has a large variety of trees. Full version also has shrubs and some plants and random model transform as an added bonus. Can’t say sadly anything about real trees but I’m thinking about buying it as well, as I’d love to have something low poly I can easily throw in the background without making my scene sluggish.

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So I got the Botaniq trees but I have to say that I’m not 100% conviced Quality varies a bit, and sometimes there are too litttle leaves or the branches are not that detailed. Material saturation seems a little overdone too. Addon is very convenient though and the quantity of stuff is great, they are still usefull.
Just not the best ones for foreground. I may go for some 3D Shaker plants.