tree model

I’m doing the modelling of a church which I’ll post soon, the fact is that I need a realistic tree model to put next to it.
I’ve tried katorlegaz and nearly all the webpages in the net but it seems that it’s impossible to find.
if somebody knows where I can find any… thank you.

There is an open source application called Arbaro which can create trees, but you will have to texture them yourself.
You can export them as .obj
The link is
Have Fun

er, does anyone know how to start it? When I click on the Icon, it just goes to a page with a lot of code written on it. what’s going on?

You have to open the arbaro_gui.jar file.
Thats the interface :slight_smile:
Hope that helps
Have fun

can I use it on windows? thanks

yeah, you can use it under windows, but Javav must be installed on your machine.
You can download the latest version for free at

well, i don’t know your budget but if you are willing to pay some bucks, take a look at this one: The programm is called “Arboretum” and it gives very good results imo.
It even exports a uv-map so you can save years of unwrapping a complex model like a tree :smiley: