Tree Modeling Question


I was wondering, what is the easiest way to model a tree…?


There is a script called “L-System” for generating trees in Blender.
You’ll need Python2.1 and I think Blender 2.23 or older.

Or you could start from a box and extrude the top vertices , move and scale them into a pointy shape…

That give you more controll… i think it was @ndy who used that in his piece wich is called the ‘gate’… he got first price in something wich I don’t remember…

As said, this gives you more controll, unless you have to create thousands of trees… then use a script or plugin…


here’s another way:

  1. make a long tube that has several loop cuts in it
  2. make a bone chain with alot of banes, and parent the mesh to it.
  3. use the armature to distort your tube into a branch
  4. use the ‘apply_def’ script on the mesh ( apply deformation. it’s somewhere in python and plugins )
  5. do this several times
  6. Now shrink some of the branches. These will come off the main branches.
  7. make a trunk
  8. select a vertice on your trunk, and press ‘shift S’ for the snap menu, and choose ‘snap cursor to’, then select your branch, shift s again, and choose snap ‘to cursor’.
  9. remember to add leaves first if you want them, and continue snapping the branches to your trunk until you have a tree.

ahhh… yes… the l-system generator… unfortunatly, i don’t know french…

oh well…okay! i just found a site in english… thanks for you help