Tree Modeling Tutorial

I am looking for a tutorial on creating a detailed tree complete with leaves, texturing and so on. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Well this isn’t a tutorial, but if your looking to make trees have you looked into gen3? It’ll generate trees for you and I have had pretty good results with it.

It doesn’t do any texturing for you, but you can get a convcining looking tree just by adding some noise and wood textures to the trunk.

Well, there is a search link in the header above your post. I clicked on it, entered your thread title “Tree modeling tutorial” and found several threads, including yours, of course. Of the others, all but one had advice on modeling trees, both realistic and low poly. The other thread was about modeling hands, but contained all the search words in the response.

Could you give me a link to it?

I suspect if you do the same search, you’ll get the same links…

I found a ready made hand and gave it an armature. :smiley: