Tree of Life

This is inspired by our search for happiness and belonging, and how we go about our lives as mere spectators of time.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this piece - I would love to hear them. :slight_smile:

More info (with HD renders) at

I like the feeling that you’re trying to portray.
The streaks in the sky look cool too.
Did you use a background image or an HDRI,If so how did you make the lighting rim?

It’s true, looking at this beauty I get very quiet, my mind and eyes drift away and and I hear the Hollies’ Reflections of my life.
Thank you for that.

The atmosphere is incredible, and every face feels unique. Thanks for this image!

Although beautiful, I don’t know what to make of the pumpkin like heads. It has a surrealistic look, dream like, but left me scratching my head. Will have to think about it and I guess that is a good thing. Nicely done.

Looks okay.
Very beautiful atmosphere.
The boat looks very small compared to the swing and the bench.
I just had two questions.

‘‘Is it possible for a plant to grow up in that short amount of always wet soil?’’
‘‘Are those watermelon’s one the trees?’’

Wonderful mood Reyn! Really like it! :slight_smile:

Beautiful light and original concept.