Tree Of Love - short movie project by ztonzy & basse

ok, decided to finally make the wip thread for this project.
comments and crits are ofcourse welcome, but this will also help me to keep on working with the project… deadline is coming, we are in hurry :slight_smile:

so… it’s a short movie project, that started of quite accidently almost. I came up with the idea, it felt somehow good… and ztonzy wanted a project to work on… so… I thought why not. let’s try it.

for me it’s also a little vacation from those more serious music video animations… (they will come too, making millions of things at the same time, as usual. hehheh)

anyways, check the project site out. shots and anims there… some text… I try to add more screenshots and whatever you people feel like seeing. and… well… that’s it. thanks :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s really good - I love this style! I guess your deadline might be Oct. 22, right? :wink:

I’m looking forward to see this evolving… ah, and Tuhopuu is on the cast list.

Yeah good… I love this style too :smiley:

Always love your style basse. Exceptional as always. And with ztonzy helping on this, it is sure to be great stuff.


i like this style a lot specially the house and tree and little yard reminds me of Tim Burton stuff, very fresh, can’t wait to see more stuff :wink:

Very cool, so far. :slight_smile: That tree w/ sound was incredible, it actually scared my daughter a little bit! Nicely done!

hey guys, looking good. Can’t wait to see the anim completed.

looks like it will be awsome.

reminds me a tiny bit of the animation i started on a long time ago. (well a wee bit LOL)


hey just checked out the site for this and everything looks so cool,
even the title logo looks neat and has its own style

you guys should think about putting this on a dvd when you are done,
and you could have behind the scenes looks at the modeling, drawing, ect.
i would buy that for sure.

and maybe as a special bonus on the dvd you could have your other animation (the colorful characters singing, not sure what it was called)
you could make some money for sure dude.

great style on everything, look forward to updates!

Well it already has that magical basse quality to it :smiley: Love the preview pics at your site. Can’t wait to see this finished.


thanks for encouragement. we are working hard to make it… still lot to model… and I’m anxious to get to the actual animation part :slight_smile: tomorrow I’ll continue with the town buildings… I already know what they are going to look like… just have to find a time to model them :slight_smile:

oh… and that grass… damn grass… well… I’ll figure out something :slight_smile:

thanks again.


I can’t connect to at all.


me either… :frowning:

its up again guys…i couldnt connect til early this morning …bandwidth quota? could be…

anyway…I LOVE the idea…I always love to see stories told in blender and this looks top quality…cant wait to show my kids the evil tree muahahaha. Great Lab…all the little touches are perfect…I’m sure my girlfriend wont get the little jokes but I sure did. Hope to see more come out of this!

By the way, the music is cool stuff! Is it made by ztonzy?

The style of the animations remind me of ‘Day of the Tentacle’, one of my favourite LucasArts Games.

Have you ever seen ‘I was an Atomic Mutant’, a crappy computer game with funny movie clips?

Website & Trailers:

hi thoro :slight_smile:

no I can’t make music so it isn’t mine…sorry :wink:

but thanks for everything :Z

the music you heard on the intro part was taken totally horribly illegally from a Rob Schimmers Theremin Noir -cd

it was just something that fitted in before I got sounds from our gorgeous sound engineer Leo Fourastié. he will be doing music and effects… I have also updated the intro part now with his music. it’s still in work in progress too, but you get the idea what we will be hearing …


The theremin is a beautiful instrument. :wink: Nice choice. :smiley:

I think that tree is brilliant. Gotta love those laser eyes ! :smiley:

what about the dvd idea (suggested in my last post)
would you guys consider something like that
i think it would really help you guys out a lot

*money from the profits
*you could advetise the hell out of you services on the cd
*i think you style would become very poular with this type of media too

only down side would be coming up with the money to put together and make dvds, but then again maybe you already have the software to do this
and another down side is the dvd would proably be small with just two shorts, coming up with other things to fill it might be a problem?

what do you think about it?