tree on a hill

Hey all, I think its time I get some serious critique here. This picture is kind of a revamp of an old tree model. This is the closest I’ve ever been able to get to realistic sunlight. Never could figure out how to make the grass look more realistic though. I tried using arbaro for the tree instead but it crashes when I try to export as an .obj file. Anyways, any suggestions as to how to make it look more realistic?


The grass is kinof shiny. And, if you are using Yafray, use GI, or if you are using Blender Internal, use AO.

Do the following to your grass material:

  • turn down the alpha value
  • decrease spec
  • apply ramps or colourbands
  • play with strand settings
  • possibly change the colour

Do you want those trees to be silhouetted? If so, it looks like your lightsources are coming from the wrong direction.


thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

let me give you some info on what I’ve used. I used blender internal with AO set at 1.0 intensity. I have an area light and a spotlight. the “a” light is for light of course and the spotlight is for the shadows on the tree.

as far as grass settings go…

I don’t really know what you mean by the “strand” settings. I have strand on but what settings are there for it? and where do I find them? Also, there is no alpha on the grass.

thanks again for your help!

never mind… found the tangent shading option and strand options… will post update. I probably shoudl add a layer only lamp to make the tree more lighted though.


That is because you will find those settings in the material panes. Read this manual page.

worked some more on it. tried redoing the leaves on the tree and it turned out to be way too many vertices so I tried something new.

I will redo the tire material and texture later. Grass turned out alright. I need to change the mat. of the mesh though. I’m going to redo the rope too… its too thin and doesn’t look like a rope at all. I removed the spotlight, turned on AO at 8 samples and I changed the area lamp to three samples raytraced shadows. I’ll probably make the grass longer and more of a dull color. Any suggestions or comments?

thanks a ton!

I have also decided to put more into the background… maybe make the “treehill” smaller and put a house or something blurry in the background. Make it more interesting. what do you think?


in the tire pic, the grass is done with particles? have you tried fiber 2.03 for making grass? also gives you realistiv results, if you should have questions about fiber, ask me.

a house in the background would fill the picture, it is still a little empty now.

but so far, thumbsup!