Tree On A Hill

Hey everyone, this is my latest work I made. Had a blast making this and learned a lot along the way, hope you enjoy and thanks for checking it out!

Made in Blender 2.69
Rendered in cycles @ 1000 samples

Wow this looks really beautiful, just may be the background could have been better, nice work.

Thanks a lot I’m glad you like it! I’m working with the sky now seeing if I can get a better result.

Im not sure that the tree branch could hold a kid in the tire … but that aside an excellent work, nice grass and leaves and great lighting. Keep it up Mariachi :slight_smile:

great work dude
did you used the sapling addon? …

what’s that weird vertical branch thing at the end of the rope swing branch?

Haha, yes I can see some snapping in the future, that section is a bit thicker than it looks (just hidden behind the foliage) :slight_smile: I’m glad you liked it thanks for checking it out sumo!

Yes I did, it’s such a great tool to use!

Just another section of the tree, it just might look weird from the position that the camera is facing.