Tree Ornament

This is the second year that I’ve been using blender and so I’d thought I’d put together a sophomore semester final. All in blender, except for the lettering, including the background and textures. One of those projects that has lost focus from over exposure. The image will actually be my greeting card this year too.

And, in the tradition of (some of) my (Celtic) ancestors, here’s a gift to help celebrate the Soltice (sans backgournd). A genuine, hand crafted, glass tree bauble blend. A fine addition to anyone’s collection. And there’s an idea, anyone up for putting a collection together? Anyway, to all the very helpful individuals here at Elysiun thank you very much for all the great help posted here. Learning blender would be much more difficult without you. Happy solstice, have a great new year.

Is the BG an image or rendered with DoF?

Not bad at all.

The text looks pretty pixelated and there’s a heck of a lot going on in the reflection. That’s just me being nitpicky, though. :wink:

nice nice,

2 crits:
the bulb is hanging in a odd rotation and it has nothing to do with gravity :D, i suppose that the wire that holds it is solid, but the impression is taken.

the cylinder w. is grabbing the bulb seems not to be smoothed (hope i said
that right :smiley: ) I see it could benefit of a chrome material


Thanks for the coments. Yah, the scene was rendered in a single pass with no pre or post production (backgournd / retouch). Just some holiday decorations on a room under construction and blurred with Strubi’s dof plug. The reflections you can see in the ornament are what the software rendered. Textures are procedural. All blender all the time.

The bulb was my first shiny object in blender so I’d have to be the first to admit there are flaws. The fonts do need to have smoothing turned on. The graphic actually does have aliased edges and it seemed like that would be enough. Maybe should have left aliasing off in the 2d and let blender take care of it.

About the gravity. The idea is the ornament is so light it just snaged on the hook and got propped up. Happens a lot.

And I don’t know what is up with the metal. Faces were extruded and normals need to be aligned or something, probably set the faces smooth too. Seems like it looks different every time the light changes. Metal needs some work. Chrome, hmm, not a bad idea.

Always good to have an alternative pov. Appreciate it.