Tree Spirit V. 2


This I do believe is the first time I’ve ever posted something in the finished projects section aside from Ecks and my’s F1.

After a lot of work, particularly with the node system I’m happy to call this piece finished.


New Render:
High Res:

This looks like it was quite a challenging piece of artwork, but it turned out pretty well. There are two things that irk me a bit though. First is the background, which doesn’t blend in well with the model (or vica verca). It really doesn’t do your model justice. Second is that there is no shadow under the eyelids. Personally, I liked the un-textured version much better, but its still a fine piece of work.

Keep it up! I’m hoping to see more works from you in the future :wink:

Maybe try a starry sky? With a lamp coming from a couple sources, with different colors?

wow thats awesome, the only thing i dont love about it is the texture looks plasticy and not alot like wood.


This is amazing! Captures the spirit, so to say… (-;

A+ modeling but the texture doesn’t really look like wood to me. Also you should put a bit of blur on the back of the tree to make more of a transition into the blurred background.

Have to agree with rest of the posts, great modeling, background and texture doesn’t do it justice. Is the texture UV or what?
Great model though.


Great modeling! But I would think also the background is not the best you could have put. Especially because the camera is obviously positionned below the tree spirit, and the trees in the background are level with the camera. I you can, you should take a walk in a forest near home and shoot some trees with the same camera angle, and approximatively same lighting of course.

I am awed by the modelling, but you know that already.

The texture work and the BG really detract from such a great model. I thought you were going to be Zbrushing this guy?

Any rate, still a great piece.


The modeling looks so good, complex too.

The background doesn’t do it justice though.

Thanks for all the comments guys! After looking over all the crits and going back to the render I decided to touch some things up, so here’s an updated version with DOF, edited materials and a new background.
High Res:

Hey! That’s a lot better indeed! Great work of yours!
4 stars!

Actually i like the old one better. that strong yellow just doesnt fit for me.

Anyways nice modelling.

I like the model, but yeah, that yellow is kind of taking over now, too much saturation i think. The texture still doesn’t really get the feel of wood, something a lot craggier than currently in place for spec and bump would do well i think.

Thats good modeling and the concept is good too, but personally I think that there is a bit too much saturation in all the images, and you can do a scene in blender (say grassy fields) instead of a bg image, which is not merging with the scene.