Tree Stump

Hello, this is my tree stump :slight_smile:

I was planning on making a postcard or something christmassy, but I’ll see what comes out :smiley:

please crit

hmm do u have a rendered version of it?

Yes, after a while of testing, this is what I came up with. Please suggest ways I can improve it :slight_smile:

Here’s a slightly different composite :

if it’s in the snow, then there should probably be snow on it…

Ya, I agree. It could also use a texture of some sort.

hmm ya it does look unfinished.
and it may need more lighting on the side we are viewing so you can see some more detail
just a little light.

Nobody notices those nice edge loops? Great Job so far pash.

Thanks, I’m working on the snow right now. Btw, does anybody know how to convert fluids to static mesh that can be edited. I have achieved some nice effects for snow with fluids, but I do not know how to make it editable :frowning: Thanks for viewing

EDIT: Well, here’s another test render:

I know there isn’t a texture on it, but I haven’t had time to UV it, and I’ve been messing with procedurals. I think this lighting fits more. I’ll add on the snow in the next update :slight_smile:

Thanks for the crits

It looks alive. Nice modeling.

You are loosing lots of details on the tree stump with your current light setup. Add some bounce lights from the snow and make sure that the lights produce shadows.
Depending on the renderer you are using you might want to use spotlights for shadowbuffers (or use one of the newer builds that add shadowbuffers to all lights as far as I know). If you are using an unbiased renderer (thats what it looks like to me) then I think you need to change the material setting of the snow to produce more bounce light.

use a nice tree bark texture that will solve ur problem if u dont have time for uv mapping.

heh… well it’s a bit depressing even on my standards.
it’s just a tree stump, why not concentrate more on what is going on in the scene?


I think the first rendered image (maaaybe the 2nd) is best so far.
Interested too see how this turns out.

Thanks for the comments, I will try to do as much as possible once I get homework out of the way.

[edit], about the shadows for the snow, I tried to make castable shadows, but the material doesn’t support it, I’ll try using a workaround. I currently am using negative lights :frowning:

Oh, and it’s internal render :slight_smile:

ya i did but when i saw them it looked alive lolz and i thought he might have had the plan in mind to make it a living stump.
It does look capable of it =)

Okay, I tried to address some of the comments (which were great, thanks), and here’s what came out so far.

I am thinking of decorating the stump, however silly that may seem, with lights, and ornaments, and perhaps adding a bit more background to peer at.

Thanks for viewing!

You need to turn on OSA and at the moment your tree is lacking depth probably due to the missing shadow. Try adding a key light to cast only shadows. Without it the tree looks pasted on.

I see what you mean musk.

Dude despite alla that i noticed that you improved the texturing =)
and how do you make snow? i never seen a tut for it b4. I am talking about the snow on the stump not the hail falling down.
BTW: (i been wondering for a while)
What is that in the background? another tree? is that a mesh? or just a backdrop?

Thanks for the comments, I am going to set up a different lighting soon, and perhaps add more trees (:P) in the background (and perhaps make them more obvious trees). The snow on the stump is just modeled by hand, because as I was trying to do the same effect with fluids, i wasn’t able to remove the excess fluid all around it.

The material for the snow is from the material repository. :slight_smile:

I’ll work on it as soon as it’s friday :stuck_out_tongue: