tree terrain

i am having trouble making tree-y landscapes… i can make a tree fine, and make a terrain fine, but it want to cover the whole terrain with trees. i have tried using a particle system with the object set to a tree, but all the trees come out sideways…
any tricks other than alt-d?

You have to make the original instance of the tree sideways, so that the particle will be right side up. There might be other solutions, but if I remember from my project, that was the solution.

thanks soooooooooooo much!!!
heres a render using cans and ANT landscape generator:

took about 5 sconds with your great tip!
… and the render took 12 times longer XD

I’m seeing an underwater scene here, Roman shipwreck, amphora laying all over the sea floor. Fish swimming around, etc. :slight_smile:

and im seeing fanta all over the sea floor (8
that seen would have about a gajillion verts…

@vicky: i like the idea, but if you dont mind i will replace the amphora with coke or sprite [= :wink:
heres what i got so far:

super basic, no fanta, i will add some soon!
(BI render)
the landscape reminds me of the huygens pictures of saturns biggest moon, titan
happy blending :wink:

okay, it actually wasnt a gajillion verts… ~3 mil… oops. thank wireframe view!
heres the version with coke cans:

even i couldnt drink that much coke :):):):););D(:
…but if i actually found a wreck like that, i would love it :wink:

hey maybe one of you guys can help me out… i decided to add some gold stacks to the scene:

i guess its gonna be a roman treasure ship with an obsession with coke… ;););););););):wink:
but the gold material is tricky…
it looks pretty bad right now. heres my settings right now (im using BI):

maybe i should switch to cycles to be able to use nodes???
would a texture work?

i have one problem that maybe you can help me with… heres the scene i have right now (v0.0):

(took only 17m with yafaray… :D)
but you can see i have a problem, other than the fact that the trees have no leaves. they are all at different angles from the mountain… is there a way to say “i want all the particles coming outta here to stick out like porcupine spikes”, so that each tree faces exactly away from the face its sitting on?
thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

hey guys! i just found a solution from the problem looking at the particle settings in “19 billion polygons”!
heres what you do for a landscape with porcupine trees:

  1. make your tree… and keep it straight!
  2. make your landscape. can be anything as long as its hi-poly
  3. make a particle system from the landscape with about 1024 particles, and set the dupli object to your tree
  4. go to the particle section in the properties window
  5. enable “advanced”
  6. set “emit from” to “faces”
  7. disable “Random” CHECKBUTTON and “Even Distribution”
  8. click the “Random” BUTTON, NOT the CHECKBUTTON.
  9. go to particle edit mode and add some entropy to the tree distribution, otherwise the trees come out in neat rows, which is bad
  10. render away!

trees v1.1:

done in yafa with just a sun lamp
is there a way to get decent leaves on a tree easily?
thanks :D:):wink:

To stop the particles being in neat rows, change the distribution from “jittered” to “random” (in the Emission tab - and “advanced” must be checked) this just means you don’t have to do it manually in particle edit mode.

*Although you seem to have done this in step 8, so you shouldn’t be having this problem at all.

@jamosium: yes, in the trees v1.1 render i used random. :slight_smile:

okay heres some leaves and fir trees: