Tree texture help?

(Nay) #1

Hi there

I need a realistic tree bark texture for an animation I’m doing. It’s a leafless tree in the desert (grey gumtree or something).

If anyone knows of any tutorials or techniques to make one, or a place to get one that might be appropriate (I haven’t found anything suitable yet) it would be a great help.

I’d really appreciate any help/advice

cheers :slight_smile:

(rwenzlaff) #2

Does it need to be procedural? If you want it realistic, go get a picture of some tree bark and edit it in Gimp or photoshop to make it seamless. Use this as your color component.

Run a threshhold over it so the valleys are dark and the tops are white, blur slightly, and you have you normal component.

Anything else and what you will be ultimatly doing is drawing tree bark by hand…

You could fake something with the proceedural textures, but I doubt you’d get it that realistic.

Try a Wood-BandNoise (hard noise) as color (brownish grey, and dk-brown) and normal (1.2-1.5) scaled about 4-5 in the X and .5 in the Y Tube mapped. Low spec (0.15) High hardness (100).

Layer on that some Clouds with the brightness down and contrast up with a medium grey color, and a norm about 1.0. Tube mapping. Scaled about x=3.5, y=4.

Should give you a start, but for this an image texture is the way to go.


(Nay) #3

Thanks Bob

I’ll try it all :stuck_out_tongue:

(OmegaPrime1) #4

Sorry but im also trying to add a bark .How do you make the image seamless in photo shop?. I’m just beginning to understand the uveditor.

(rwenzlaff) #5

I don’t know photoshop. I’m a gimp (linux) man myself. In Gimp it’s under Filters->Map->MakeSeamless. Perhapse there’s something similar in PS.