Tree texturer / tree scripts needed!

Hi guys, I made a 482 poly tree for my WW1 project, which looks great, except that it took over an hour to make and it doesn’t have any leaves or 4th generation branches. I was wondering, does anyone around here have anything that can speed up the process? A way to model trees, maybe a tree script, any texturers here? Any kind of help would be appreciated, even a tutorial. Also, the sapling generator for blender isn’t realistic enough for what I’m aiming for, unless someone has a mod for it?

i have heard Arboro is good for trees. never used it so cant’ really say, not sure if it costs either. then there is Xfrog by the Terragen people, they were giving away a lot of tree models free recently, you may still be able to catch the promotion

I’ve already tried Arboro, its awesome but its way too high poly for this project. I don’t even want to know what shows up when I search Xfrog lol. but I’ll give it a try.

lol Xfrog is just the plants and foliages for the Terragen engine, but you can easily import them into blender.

Nice samples, though I need 10 samples of 5 specific types of trees 0_0
Manually it’d take a lot longer than I have patience for, and I’m sure there’s a better way. Still open to suggestions?

Might not help but you can look into this program:

Tree[D] (spelled just like that with the brackets and everything)

here’s a quick tutorial with exporting to blender:

The results might be too high poly (haven’t used the program myself), but I figured I’d just throw this information out there in case it might be useful.

cant you adjust the samples to give you some variety. i don’t know of any other scripts or easily available resources

Maybe you try Tree[d]. i tested it some while ago and i thought it’s a nice tool if you want a fast and simple tree. i guess you will end up with trees that will have about 1k-10k Poly. really depends on the settings and what you actually want. Give it a try maybe it helps you :-).

Well I don’t really want them to be simple, just fast lol.
Note how the branches grow, I need to imitate that with quality in mind. I guess I’ll try this Tree[d] thing, if its better than blender internal sapling generator. Anyone have any scripts?

It worked pretty well, thanks I’ll use that for the LOD long and medium distance trees. Anything else?

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