tree trees trees grrr i hate trees lol

ok well im making this outdoor game and i cant make trees grr. they pretty much need to be low poly like those ps1 games lol. If some one can give me a texture to use to make a nice tree i will be very happy. oh and some one can also give me one for free if they one. credit will me mentioned in the game.

Google is you freind! Just type in tree texture in image search, there are plenty of free ones available.

This is a good tutorial showing you how to alpha mask any tree image you have so you can easily make your own.

Most games either use two crisscrossing planes or if you want something more advanced you have have a small ball of planes above a very low poly simple modeled trunk with leaf textures.

Nitrofreak06… You good making games? (Noticed your intres in the offroad topic, if it was you :S).

im not to sure if im good at makeing games but im pretty good making the models and i now a fair amount about the phisics, oh yeah im working a R/C off road simulator if any one is intrested in helping just lmk. oh yeah. well i made like 6 side tree trunk. its called a hexagon? lol any way, i did that and slaped on a bark texture from gimp. oh if u use premade tex’s within gimp and u disdribute a game with it. can i get sued? lol.

Is that simulator available somewhere. I might be intrested to help. Tho dunno how much i can help. Cant do really any logic. Only some modelling. And dont know much about R/C.s.