Tree trunk and leaves are importing separately into Unreal 4

I have a problem, and I really need help!

I made my first tree with the particle system and I love it, however when I try to import said tree into Unreal 4, the tree trunk and 350 odd branches and leaves all import as individual objects as opposed to one mesh, And I have converted the particle system onto the tree trunk but IDK what to do from here.

Is there something I am overlooking?

There’s an option ‘Combine Meshes’ in the FBX importer settings in UE4.
And ‘Merge Meshes’ in the Alembic importer.

If you use gltf2, you have to convert everything to mesh and join them in Blender.

Thank you so much, I will try to find the FBX importer setting that allows me to Merge Meshes. Wish me luck!

It worked, thank you soooo much !!!