Tree trunk not showing behind alpha foliage

The tree has 4 panels of foliage surrounding it. Shouldn’t the trunk be seen through the leaves? Any help will be appreciated.


Ok, I have some more clues to solving my problem. For some reason, the alpha part of the foliage is filled with the default background blue. It seems as if the foliage has an alpha but it really doesn’t. If I place another object behind the tree it will be blocked by the foliage. Can anyone pls help me?



nothing after the alpha will show up so put it in the last location in texture panel
this should work hopefully


What do you mean by “nothing after the alpha will show up”? How about if I use the tree in a game environment and a character walks behind it? Shouldn’t the character and the rest of the background show up behind the tree leafs, where there is alpha? Right now, I have a cube behind the tree leafs, but the default background blue fills the gaps in the leafs where the alpha is supposed to be, thus blocking the cube behind it.

thanks for replying

search the wiki on alpha texture

usually when you put an apha texture whatever is after won’t go trhrough the black of the alpha so that’s why i suggested to put itat the last positon of the texture panel
so tghat all the other textures will appear before the alpha is applied


Maybe a silly question, but did you activate Ztransp in the Material buttons?


I did now…

and it worked!!! “problem solved with just one click of a button” < literally lol

thanks a lot