(vlr) #1

What do you think about this ?


(MrMuscly) #2

Well it looks pretty cool actually! But if you were aiming for realistic … :stuck_out_tongue:

(vlr) #3

my aiming was, and is ;] make it a something between magical and realistic tree :slight_smile:

(juanjavier) #4

Well, it seems more magical than realistic…but nice render anyway…

(Trichter) #5

The idea to create the leafs the way you did it is great. Can you post the texture settings?

To make the tree look more natural you should add some branches pointing to the camera not only to the side. Maybe reduce the spec value of the wood and add a nor texture (stucci with noisesize 0) to make it look more grainy, too.

A whole forest of those trees wood look really cool.

(vlr) #6

The idea to create the leafs the way you did it is great. Can you post the texture settings?

Of course Trichter :slight_smile:

here is (also ZTransp I have ON, Fresnel set to about 3.7)


(vlr) #7

Trichter, I’ve experimented with stuccis disp and nor and WOW :smiley: look this !


(MrMuscly) #8

Neeeeat! I’m not much for the high specular though. Try lowering that. Might get a more smooth look.

(vlr) #9

Something like this ?


(MrMuscly) #10

It’s a slight improvement but I was refering to the leaf-material. Sorry for being short in information.

(vlr) #11

Ok MrMuscly, a new leafs and a few little changes : )


(ralphbluecoat) #12

personally, i think trees are the hardest things to make

(vlr) #13

HERE IS AT LAST :slight_smile:
A first versions are done :wink: look this :smiley:

I invite you to the whole scene ->


(Khnum) #14

I like the scene that your using it in but I wanted to make a comment here regarding the tree its self. It looks like it’s very flat, even if a few of branches seem to initally start to grow from all around the tree trunk. This to me ruins the look of the tree completely. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been doing bonsia for many years I’m not sure. In any case, you might just try moving a few branchs by rotating on the z-axis a bit to make it feel fuller. You’ve already gotten the triangle part down but really, who wants to look at branches, it’s the foliage that should be the center of attention.