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80.000 alpha planes for the grass
3 million polygons total
14h25min render time
~2096 samples
Blender 2.57 and Octane Renderer PMC Build

Added some blur.


Awesome, looks very detailed and I like the scene as well. How did you create it? I would drop the DoF though, especially since the background isn’t blurred which makes it a little confusing.

nice model, but you should change the DOF dist. as it seems that the tree is touching the lens of the camera while it must be far away from it, and maybe shrinking the rock a bit.

The tree model looks really great, but I don’t like the lighting very much. The tree and the meadow look too dark compared to the relatively bright sky in my opinion.

But I don’t want to sound too negative. I would probably never have achieved a comparable result :wink:

Lighting can use work, but the tree is really good :slight_smile:
The key to lighting is often in the contrast

Did you by any chance use Arbaro for the tree?
Being an Octane user myself I can tell you that at times the system can be a little frustrating to use so I commend your efforts in this image.
I disagree with what the other user said about reducing the size of the rock. In fact I think it looks perfect as it is. Too small and the image would just look bland with no variety.
I do however agree about the DOF as it looks like the tree & ground are miniatures.
The background looks fine and overall I think you did well.

The tree was made using Arbaro.
Thanks for the comments. :slight_smile:

Really very nicely done job. I do not have any objections.

The tree was made in arbaro… Anyway, a great scene, couldn’t do it better. But maybe you should make the grass a little longer, makes it more realistic.