This was modeled in 2 days. This was NOT modeled with ANY knowledge from The Nature Academy; I didn’t purchase The Nature Academy.

Have fun looking at it :slight_smile:

I tried to look at it really hard, but it didn’t work…

EDIT: Nevermind, the image loaded properly upon my second visit to the page.

Give it time, it’s a big image. :slight_smile:

Edit: Yep, I had the same problem when I first posted the thread.

I think it looks pretty good. A few of the leaves around the edges look like they’re not actually connected to the tree at all. Also I think the Depth of Field is a bit much, but that’s my personal preference.


Yep, good catch. I’m not sure how to fix the leaves. Oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually had the same issue when I tried to make a tree recently. Did you use the hair system to do the leaves? My issue was that the origin point for the leaf object I used was not right at the base of the leaf, so the leaf was offset from the branches. If you edit you leaf, and just move the whole thing to line the origin up with the base of the object, should fix it. If that’s not the issue, then I can’t help you.

Good point. Tried that though. But thanks much anyway. :smiley:

I like it :slight_smile: Its a little dark, could be brought up a bit.
I am currently making a bonsai tree, but out of interest how did you go about adding the smaller branches and leaves…?

Hey DustyKhan. I used particle systems set to hair. They work pretty well if you don’t really see them much. But I suppose that on a bonsai tree you might see them more than on a more natural looking tree.