This is just a simple tree setup. The reason for this, is because I want to learn how to make trees. This all happened after I saw the photo-realistic trees in Legends of the Gaurdian. So I watched andrew price’s free tree tutorial just to get me started. Also the field of grass is made by him because I wanted to put my tree in a scene, but I’m on a new computer without all my blender files (including a grass field I made) and I don’t feel like translating files. So, I just want critiques on the tree if you will.

the tree looks really good, the only thing that strikes me as a little bit odd is that the bark looks very smooth. i know there are trees with smooth bark but somehow it just looks out of place here, it could be because of the scene too, put a bunch of em together and put some vines on them it might look really good with smooth bark. as i said, looks good, the grass is good too, the is just something off about the bark, otherwise, fantastic.