TreeHead Alien Creature Design


Cycles Renders

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The purpose of this project was to design an alien creature with a tree like grouth on its head.
This project is created from scratch using blender from initial 3D modeling to sculpting, rigging, animation and final renders. The 2D renders are in Cycles while the animation is in Eevee + post process in After Effects


HDRI tests

Wow, everything about this is beautiful. The character design, the animation, the shaders, the camera work.


Nice concept, i like the animation and the soundfx. Only thing i don’t like are those kind of greyish eyes which could be a lot more expressiv if you put some sharper gloss/shine to it, i think. Definitely front page stuff!

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Youre totally right, i just was in a hurry with the cycles shaders and when a retouched them i ruined everything. This below is an earlier version which is a little bit better. The idea behind this kind of dome look was to give the impression that another creature was living inside the TreeHead. Thanks a lot for your comment!
Youre right

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


I love this. But the camera movement makes this whole experience a bit fake. Try for a more natural camera movement.

Thank’s for your observation! In what way does it ruin realism? I tried making it look like the scene was being observed by another smaller curious creature (+ some extra stabilisation) but maybe i did not get it right enough :thinking:.

I am mostly talking about the back and forth movement from 00:00:15 to 00:00:18. It just goes very sharply.

But now that you have said that that’s from another creature’s perspective, it makes sense. But the whole mood and scene is absolutely lovely.

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Thank you, I appreciate it a lot! This is a practice project so the more i learn, the better.

So funny! :alien: :alien: :alien:

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i love it nice work!

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Thanks Chris!

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It is a really well made project. hope to see more from you.

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Thank you, I’ll try to keep going and improving.

Awesome, Great work! especially the creature animation. Could you please explain how you made this awesome work? That’s really helpful to know the every details of your woking process. In that character i feel the rigid systems constructed well with the character rig. I am eagerly waiting for your reply.


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Hi Vasanth
Here are a few viewport videos of the rigging and the simulations
The animated rig is pretty basic, made with simple IK bones and a few bone constraints (there are a lot of tutorials on youtube about these). The simulation of the trunk is overlaid on the animation of the head.

Simulated paths for the neck below

simulated paths, neck|690x388

Simulated paths for the trunks below

simulated paths, trunks|690x388

so the softbody paths are parented to the animated head while the bones controlling the trunks follow the sphere empties parented to the simulated paths.

Saw this on blender nation. Fantastic work, I love the mood and the original looking character design. Awesome!

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Tried my best to create something original and challenging. Really appreciate your comment!

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