TreeMagik - PlantLife

Hello everyone,

Does anybody have anything good or bad about either of these products from ?

Thanks for your time!!

Speaking of time, why not download the demo then tell US what YOU think of it? :smiley:


I probably will tonight. It is hard to tell from the screenshots, but they do mention low poly for games. If someone had any experience with them, I might be able to avoid the trouble. The scene I amm working on has alot of up close plants and trees. So far the tests I have done with Arbaro and Plant Studio seem like they will work OK, But I am always looking for better. The L-system script for Blender works fine, but produces a very heavy mesh, and requires alot of additional work for anything up-close. I have Bryce, but it doesn’t have the ability to export anything from the tree lab.

I will let everyone know what I think of the demo.

Hello Everyone,

I downloaded the demo, installed it, and when I tried to run it I got an error;

Unable to create 3D scene…I click OK and the program exits. I contacted support…I’m in the que…they say their response time is within 48 hours. So I guess in addition to their demo, I will also report on their support!

I like Arbaro, being that 1) it’s linux friendly being java and 2) it generates huge, realistic trees. I’m not a game designer, I’ll take realism over texturemapped planes any day. What’s a few million polygons between friends? Definitely high density.

Since you’re Windows and wanting to try stuff, see what you think of this (since you didn’t mention trying / investigating it yet)

Just a humble opinion, but the screen shots from that treemagik were less than awe-inspiring.:rolleyes: I’m with HT, Arbaro rocks, as does PovTree. (Haven’t used L-system.) Make yourself some nice, high-poly trees and billboard/alpha-map the renderings, with a few well-placed low-hanging high-poly branches for effect! More control, better result. A little fussy work, a little design work, and you can probably create your game around not needing the player to stare at leaves close-up.

Also try the new gen3 script. It’s similar to Arbaro, but without support for leaves yet. Looks promising and much easier to use IMO than L-System.

Hello Everyone,

I did get a quick response from treemagik support. I updated my driver and everything worked. However, just like their web site claims…excellent game textures, but not for still images. After searching for alternatives, I decided to stay with Arabo. I tried the gen3 script, but it was very slow. Arbaro is much faster, even taking into account import and export.

just for posterity: Gen3 has a new version out that supports leaves and will also import xml files from Arbaro.

I think native tree/plant/foilage generation would be great to have in Blender. As for the Gen3 script, to date, it doesn’t compare time wise. Using Arbaro, I can create, render to obj, import throw away, tweak and repeat much faster.

This is not intended to slam anyones work, and I would encourage further development, but like I said, I would like to see it become native to Blender, and much faster.

The reason I posted that was to let you know that you can import Arbaro’s xml files with Gen3. Yes, it may be slow to generate the tree, be importing some of those monster sized .obj files is just as slow, if not slower.