Trees and Reptillian Skin

I’m not sure if this is the right place to be posting this, but I was wondering how I might be able to create super realistic tree back textures…
And I was also wondering if anybody can tell me how to make a lizard’s skin texture…like you know…bumpy with the little patterns of color and bumps…
Thanks ahead of time.

normal or displacement mapping in the ‘map to’ panel in your material. I dont know about tree bark, but Voronoi Crackle works great for lizard skin

Thanks, I was hoping for a more rounded “knobby” look, but this will work.
Thanks again

play around with ‘distorted noise’.
you can get pretty versital results.

what’s the meaning of super realistic? :slight_smile:

by super-realistic I mean alomst life like…meaning good enough to pass for an imitation of the real thing. You know…so that people will look at it and know that it is a graphic generation, but look somewhat real…

  1. Borrow a digital camera.
  2. Take close-up pictures of tree bark.
  3. Use Photoshop or the GIMP to make the images tileable.
  4. Apply them appropriately to your tree models.