trees as softbodies

hi blender artists its me again some time ago i made this video

now posting here with a blend file with cache (57 Mb) unpacked

just a short info how it works
tree is generated by Lsystem a phython script (no leafs) next adding leafs as particles (object) then making a sphere big enough to fit in the tree then using shrinkwarp wapring it around the tree adding offset that just quick tweak and we have a (proxy) mesh for a tree next to set mesh deformation and pin the proxy tree to the real tree and now we can do anything we want


Looks really cool!

sorry to bump this just to say ‘that’s cool!’ but nice little test you have there. great exaggerated style…
have you tried it with a wind force? you might be able to get a blustery-day feeling using softbody trees

very cool! can you do a tutorial on this?