Alright, how the hell would i go around doing these?
I mean leaf by leaf?

Blade of grass by blade of grass?


sure, how do you think we do???


Search for RipSting Hair/Grass generator (should be somewhere) which does a very nice grass mesh


L-system script on BlenderDungeon which does exceptional trees (Have a look at Malefico’s ones in the Artwork forum for results of both

Can’t remember the URL, sorry


there it is


HOw do you load scripts? i dont knw how to do that.

Press Shift-F11 in the window you want to load the script in. Now press Ctrl-Shift-F and select open. Find the script (“”) and press Alt-P to execute it. Sometimes this will start the process of the script, or (like the L-system script) start a GUI.

Hey, hi. 1_ I started using blender, but I’m so bad. Is there any manual or guide for blender??? IF it’s there please let me know.
2_ How can I make a reflect effect? you know, that a sphere reflect another sphere?
3_ How can I make shadows?

Than you very much

1: There are a lot of tutorials around. Start with the Juicy Blender. Another good site is Ingiebees site, she collected some old tutorials from and blendermania.
2: Do a search on the forum for “env mapping” or “environment mapping” (or use Povray :wink: SCNR)
3: In blender only spotlights can cast shadows, and don’t forget to turn on “shadows” in the render-buttons (F10)
Oh and welcome to blender and elysiun :smiley: :smiley:

it says yu need to install Python and stuff on the tutorial page or whatever.
I’ve never downloaded anything for blender, where do i start?