Trees: cant get sapling addon to work..

as title says, addon is crashin blender, are there any other addons?

or is it better to model my own trees? i specifically need olive trees

Are you using an official release of Blender from or something weird like a Linux repository version? What exactly makes it crash: adding a tree, changing the settings, what? What are your computer specs?

Did you try a different Blender Build or a different version of the script. May be your build is old? Just a guess. Have you change Blender settings Maybe default settings will help. another guess.
I cant search now but there is a free tree generator and I believe more then one for Blender and one for Blender 2.49.

pc specs are quite good, its my work PC. i use a portable version from v2.68a. it crashes when i modify branch growth

Blender downloaded from is as portable as it could get. Unzip into some folder, “Blender” e.g. on flash drive, hd, run.
If you want to keep local user preferences for some downloaded version create folder named ‘config’ under the one called ‘2.6x’ before you set up User Prefs. You need to set there on File tab path to scripts folder too.

Your Portable app manager may be limiting blender somehow what further causes to crash it.

Not your computer build sorry I meant your blender version

  1. “Quite good” isn’t useful information. Don’t be evasive just for the sake of being evasive. Answer the question.
  2. Get Blender from isn’t the Blender Foundation, so that’s not an official release. No way of knowing what problems creep into their builds.