Trees generator script for Peach project

I had noticed on peach blog Ideasman42 create a excellent trees generator script
check it out here

forum link

It seems very…complete. I can’t wait to have a look at the code ! (great to learn)

you can test it from latest svn

ah, coolness, a script that affords lots of control over the shape of the tree, looks like. awesome.

Oh… i didn’t realize that. Thanks !

i think i need to adjust my settings…

i have a same problem too, and cant guess what was the problem.

well, I have found out a couple of things. it’s importan to do a ‘center new’ on everything, as well, I think, as ctrl A to apply rot and scale, and you need to alt S the ctrl pts of the curve to get the correct taper. also, when you’re adding a custom leaf object, I think it needs to be snapped to the center of the curve. I’m not getting how to add the leaf without getting bunches of cards as well though, for some reason. anyway, doing this stuff, I managed to get a somewhat tree like object to fill out the mesh I used to define the canopy.

Can someone put up a small tutorial for this? I get “some” results, but to call it a tree would be, hmmm, wrong.

As for now, there’s only 1 person who can work with the tree generator and that’s Campbell himself. That’s no problem for us, it just became his task to finish the trees. When he’s got time he can make a small tutorial, and that would be in around 6 or 9 months.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that Campbell has other priorities right now. But if anyone not involved in Peach finds a way to proper twig filling it would help the community to share this knowledge. Some people find it relaxing to write a short (and I mean short, no pictures etc…) tutorial, perhaps Campbell is one of them.
Don’t get me wrong, as far as I can see, the script is in pre-beta stage. I know that some things can only be achieved by altering the script directly.

Just rip off Vue, thats what i am planning ot do…