Trees, landscapes etc.

Can anyone recomend any tutorials for modelling trees through blender, i dont want to use a pre made program to create trees, i ran across a few tree tutorials in the forums but cant find them now :frowning:

Any tutorials on trees, landscapes, vegetation etc that will work in the blender GE too would be great :slight_smile: thank you!


I can tell you how to make grass:

Make a plane, give it a grass texture, go to F7 - >Particles buttons > Particle System and add new Hair, then mess around with the Physics and other settings like the Amount or so, then when you are finished convert the grass to mesh ( Alt+C ) and there you go, a nice grass :slight_smile:

For trees:

Quck mode -

Slow mode:

Add a cylinder and extrude it till you get your main trunk, then add another cylinders and play with them until you get some, join the branches and trunk ( Alt + J or Ctrl + J or Shift + J ) and add a nice wood texture.
For leaves maybe you gotta shape little planes into leaves add some texture and then duplicate them as much as you want.

Of course theres a better way for leaves making by using specular mapping i think about which you just gotta look up in google.