Trees, lots of trees

My daughter and I need mountains populated with tundra and forrest - lots of trees of various sizes, varieties and shapes.
Mountains and rivers we can do,
Is there a suitable tree generator for Blender both Linux and windows OS that doesn’t slow the render too much
Many thanks

blender dosnt handel 100,000 objects well however you can use DupliFaces for this.

mesh and each triangle will instance that tree, for multiple tree’s types add multiple meshes.

You can instantiate the trees easily by using DupliVerts or DupliFaces as ideasmas42 mentioned. To define the distribution of the trees you could use retopo tools ( or particle engine (

The advantage of particle engine is that you can paint a weight map to control the distribution and the amount of trees to be generated is easily defined. Retopo approach gives you more control over the placement of the trees on the otherhand. I made small example files showing these methods. You can find them at and .

Of course if you want variety of trees, you may need to use multiple objects (ground, tree pairs) due to limitations of Blender.

<edit> Nice tree generator:, landscape creator script: . </edit>


could you be BeBraw so kind to explain the retopo usage? I did not know that it can be used this way. Examining of your file as well as wiki did not help me much. (Even though I would rather prefer particle method.)

Thank you very much.

JiriH: Open duplitrees.blend. After that find “duplitrees” object and select it (you can use outliner for this). Go to the edit mode and make sure Retopo is on. Use ctrl-lmb to add new trees on the ground. That’s about it. Dupliverts takes care of the rest.

If you don’t have to stick with Blender, then Povray and it’s forester tool are excellent to handle such instances.

you could also use particles, than you can paint tree groups on the terrain with vertexcolor painting. I do grass this way and works very well.

You could also download a free program called Terragen 2 (go to - it’s a realistic landscape generator that allows you to import objects such as trees and building to create realistic landscapes. I realize this is not Blender but the results will astound you.

just thinking about duplifaces vs particles, does dupli-particles allow tree’s of different sizes?

if not then duplifaces has an advantage.

you can create several different mesh planes with an image applied of different trees of any kind to each different plane (with an alpha channel) <- important. you can then duplivert these and any mixture of planes to any terrain mesh you want to use. you can create vertex groups from a mesh you want to use as a terrain and in edit mode, separate the vertices from the mesh and then duplivert with a plane mesh object with your tree picture applied. you can do this repeatedly with different parts of your terrain to give you randomness.

just thinking about duplifaces vs particles, does dupli-particles allow tree’s of different sizes?

if not then duplifaces has an advantage.
I don’t think altering tree size is possible with the old particle engine. Perhaps it’s possible with Jahka’s engine. The scale option of DupliFaces is the way to go in case the tree size has to be alterable.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Could you please show me how to uv paint the grass

I have looked at masktree1.blend which apparently uses a plane on which a tree texture as a .tga is placed.
I tried this but it doesn’t work I tried with black, white and transparent backgounds.
There is apparently a treealpha.tga texture. Havent a clue how to create this.
I thought this may mean the tree plane is transparent. no
So how does one texture a plane to show a tree but not show the plane outline when rendered.

hovergo – what is it that you want to paint/map? actual grass blades, or the ground to give the impression that you have grass? If you want to use textures with alpha channels, in the texture buttons (F6) you have to specify “use alpha” in the Map Image tab for the pic you’ll use. Then, in the texture buttons (F5) you need to make sure the object is Z-Transparent (or Ray-Transparent, but use Z-Transparent for now), set the A (alpha) to zero in the Material tab, and then in the Map To tab enable Alpha besides color.

How about using groups?