Trees on Steep Grass Field

The trees were made by “Crack It” addon.

The scene is highly steep grass field, almost 90 degrees.
It is a type of grass backdrop filling backdrop with grass not to show other background like sky.

Original blog post: Blender CGI: Trees on steep grass field.

I think the biggest thing right now is that the image needs a better sense of perspective (because it’s hard to determine how the position and angle of the trees relate to the field). It’s also hard to determine whether or not the trees are just dead stumps or the field is actually curving at more than 90 degrees on the top right.

I would also think about giving a nice looking texture to the soil, because there’s just enough showing to give away the fact it’s just a simple brown material.

With a bit more work, you can turn this into something that stands out.

Ace Dragon, thank you for review.