Trees with mist

(thudjie) #1

Trying to get a painterly feel to the scene.
All done in blender 2.75 using cycles.

(galgot) #2

It’s beautiful. Indeed looks like a painting or a daguerreotype. Love these colours.
I just feel the right tree looks a bit unnatural . Looks like the trunk is been broken more than swisted to the right.
A tree with a twisted trunk would still have the branches growing in a way to have the more light for the leaves, some more branches on the side with more light. But just my two € cents. It’s very nice.

(Ovnuniarchos) #3

It’s so dreamlike! Although I agree on what’s been said about the right tree.

(thudjie) #4

Thanks for the feedback.
Following your helpful comments, I’ve recreated the tree on the right - I noticed afterwards too that the leaves were ending abruptly owing to the mesh vertex group selection so I’ve adjusted for that as well.

(Jeepster) #5

What a wonderful image! I love the rich painterly look it has. Great stuff!

(Ace Dragon) #6

I’ll take a wild guess and say that this was achieved by placing a glass pane with varying roughness in front of the camera (or enclosing the scene in a glass cube with a volume texture).

Beautiful work, this is a style that is seldom done in CG.

(Jeepster) #7

Maybe! I’d be really interested to see how it was done

(galgot) #8

Yeah beautiful.
Makes me think of a Turner painting.

(thudjie) #9

thanks for the advice burnin - I’ve had a play with that and it looks promising.
Ace Dragon - I used a backlit volume shader for the main lighting effect and then adjusted more using the color management options.
The bushes are the same planes as used for the leaves but bigger and spread over the floor via a particle system.
There is also a glossy plane in the ground for the reflections.
Finally there is a backdrop for 1 line of faint trees.
The snap shot below hopefully gives a rough idea.

(FredHystair) #10

Really beautifull! imho the sanguine color is a bit over the top. I’d try a desaturated or black and white version, just to see…
great work however

(udayk8139) #11

WOW This is mind blowing, You have done a great job :open_mouth: