Trees with procedural wind animation

Hello everyone!
I’m working on a digital product and I spent some time in the last months developing a quick tree modelling workflow (and an addon) that allows me to create advanced procedural wind animation for games and Blender (with geometry nodes).
This is a showcase of what is possible to achieve with my current geometry nodes setup (only wind direction and intensity for now). Please, tell me what you think.
Rendered in Eevee.
Youtube video
This video on Twitter has a little sneak peak of the solid 3D View:
Twitter video

And here’s a still image:


love it! i’m a huge fan of more naturalistic foliage wind simulations than the standard vertex displacement noise look that tends to get used everywhere. love that you can feel the wind gusts propagating down the branches and across the leaves. :slight_smile:

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That motion is really top-notch. Every project I see like this makes me want to dive into geometry nodes, but they are so difficult for me.

A “quick tree modeling workflow” seems almost like a contradiction but I suppose after you take the months to develop it, you can come up with something quick. I would love to see more examples, perhaps with some other types of trees and branching.

Keep up the good work

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