k, I know this is a very common question, but the threads I have found have no pictures that work and they say stuff like “press the button circled in the picture” which is confusing cause there are no pictures. Also that script that makes trees doesn’t seem to work for me… :frowning:
So, could someone explain a simple method for simple trees (and leaves)?

Yeah, sometimes the older threads have broken image links. As for trees, google Arbaro or Gen3. Both are good tree generators. A simple method (works best for trees seen in the distance) is to put a picture of a tree on a plane, and then give the plane a track to constraint to point it at the camera. Architects use this a lot for stills. Doesn’t work too well for close up animation because the trees look like they are rotating to follow the camera (which they are.) Another method is to use two or three intersecting planes with pictures of the tree on all of them, but they don’t move, so they work better if you are animating. These work best for trees with straight trunks: pines, aspens, and so on. Still not too good for close ups, but they are good in middle distances, especially in forest scenes where it’s difficult to pick out individual trees. For close ups, though, one of the tree generator programs is your best bet, since modeling trees by hand is a bear.

Yeah, it is close-up stuff I’m doing… so I’ll look into those generators. Thanks for your help. :wink:

Download the file in my signature, it has many links for making trees. Also download the regression files at

There are some blend files with some bushes, and trees. Very nice to look at too.

Have fun, dont get discouraged.