What do you think is an acceptable polycount for a good tree in BGE? or in general even. If you had to put a number on it what would you put??

im talking leaves (any style - individual or plane w/texture) and trunk and branches and all

Show me the NUMBERS!!!


that would depend on
-how much (many?) of the computer’s resources are being used by everything else

Generally, I try to stick to under 100 polys for any one thing, but I often end up with circa 150 or 200. if I were making a forest, I’d definitely use LOD (level of detail- if something’s farther away, it gets replaced with a simpler model), and the lower trees could easily be a single alpha plane. if I were making a single tree in an open field I’d make it with much higher detail. unless, of course, there is a lot of other stuff there too (like, say, an epic-sized battle)

I gotcha… thanks