Ive seen a post but no one said how to make them. Is there a tutorial out there that teaches you how to make tree?
This is a nice tree generator. Put the script in your scripts folder (Blender/.blender/scripts by default) and the gt folder as well. The script will be Scripts>Misc>Gen 3 in the scripts window. The interface is a little daunting, so follow this tutorial to get started:

I too have been looking high and low for a TUTORIAL to make a TREE. I hate how all anyone ever knows is of genorators. I want to make a tree by myself, but I can’t find anything. The clossest I have gotten was by playing video games and lookinga t the trees for like an hour. but that just gives me a basic idea, but I still don’t know how to go about making it.

Hate to burst your bubble but the trees in a game that you spent an hour looking at would have been made by a tree generator.

Thing with about trees is that you generally want more than one with different variations, and that would take way too much time. Even if you wanted a “hero” tree that had to be almost perfect in it’s realism, as the centre point of an amazing render of a tree… would be made with a generator and then modfifed by hand.

So pick a generator, play about with it’s output and then modify it to your hearts content. Exporting a tree from Gen3 and then playing with the sculpt mode can produce fantastic results, like sculpting a face growing out of the trunk. Looks amazing but at it’s heart it started as a humble, generated tree.

Peach project needs lots of trees for the fluffy bunny forest, so… the developers wrote a tree generator script. Thats the way trees are made in all CGI.

I find that hard to believe. When I look at the video game trees, I notice that they are made out of 2 things

  1. A basic mesh wich includes the trunk and some of the main branches.
  2. Alpha mapped branches with leaves

I don’t see why anyone would need a genorator for that.

It seems really easy to do. I just don’t know EXACTLY how to go about it. As in, Where exactly do I place the planes that make up the branches with leaves

Also, I downloaded Gen3 once, and I didn’t even know how to open it. all I saw was a bunch of text files, and I know nothing about scripts and all that stuff.

You’re free to believe what you like, any game company (or any commercial enviornment for that matter) when faced with modelling a tree will use a generator.

The reason you can’t find any tutorials on the subject is 'cause most people will use, at the very least, a base mesh from a generator. Placing alpha mapped planes is just a a matter of placing them where you want them in conjuction with a randomizer script to vary rotation. Getting them to look like a tree is a completely different matter. Time and effort that could be put to better use elsewhere within a project.

A previous post linked to a very good tutorial on the use of Gen3.

Even ones that look like this?

for basic idea of how to make a real tree, do the first part of the “Tree Character” tutorial in issue 13 of Blenderart.

Yes, I use Tree[d] for trees like that. Download and play with it. It’s format is tied to the Gile[s] lightmapper so you need that program to export to game engine formats. But the principles are all there to see the multitude of variables you need to create enough varied tress to make your game look half decent.[d]-setup.exe

right so how many trees are in that game, how long do you think it would take to individually model each tree, check credits for how many 3d artists and how long development was for…still seem feasible?