TreeSketch 3.0 - Free Interactive Tree Modeller for the iPad

I have just released version 3.0 of my iPad tree modelling app, TreeSketch.

It is available on the iTunes app store here:

A number of features and parameters have been added or changed since TreeSketch version 2.0. The most important are listed below.

Model export
• In addition to iTunesConnect, models and images can be exported via Dropbox. Export options have been significantly expanded and include the obj mesh format and high resolution composite ready rendered images. Textures can now be exported with the model.

• The hybrid growth algorithm has been introduced to improve consistency between trees modeled interactively using brushing and trees grown autonomously. The original sketching and growing algorithm remains available as the “artistic” algorithm.

• Rendering has been enhanced to include shadows and scattered light. Direction of light illuminating the scene can be interactively manipulated by dragging the sun in the sky.
• Trees can carry fruit, buds and thorns. Their distribution and appearance can be controlled via a dedicated tab.

• TreeSketch 2.0 “flowcurves” have been replaced with the sketch-based tropism option to improve control of growth direction using sketching.
• TreeSketch 2.0 post-editing of branches has been improved by replacing over-sketching with multi-touch branch bending.
• Key architectural parameters can be more conveniently manipulated using specialized widgets.
• Color attributes (hue, saturation and brightness), including those of textures, can be manipulated using specialized colored sliders
• Growth and/or rendering parameters from previously saved trees can be loaded as presets for new growth.
• Brushing gestures can be visualized to illustrate the construction of the models.

Steven Longay
TreeSketch Developer

Thanks again for the app and the update. Tree Sketch is a lot of fun to play with.

For those who do not have an iPad, I have uploaded a few trees to Blendswap.

I hope to add more with now that we have a new version.

That looks amazing, too bad it is IOS only.

Is there any chance we could persuade you to develop a plugin for Blender with this functionality? Or even a cross platform standalone desktop application?

Hi Atom,

many thanks for the trees!

Yeah, you should try at least a Kickstarter campaing just to see if it would work, HONESTLY this tool is amazing, now imagine this included in blender with some kind of plugin/implementation of some sort and MAN! you’ll be the god of Blender. And is worth to mention that your tool seems to be more “artist-friendly” than for example a very expensive “Pro” solution like will be Tha Plant factory from the makers of VUE.

Wow, that is just… amazing. Really nice interface. Now there’s a new way to write my name :wink:

I’d love to see this as a drawing tablet enabled desktop app. I have it on the iPad and it absolutely blows away any other tree creation software I’ve ever used in terms of ease-of-use.

This is just awesome. I think this kind of app would be perfect for archviz artist. It is a pain to create realistic trees.
Too bad that I do not have an Ipad.

yep this truly looks amazing and I agree that an app like this for other OS would definitely be great! it is a pity that is iOS only…

It looks fantastic !
The ease of use and the quality of the models in a treegen-software have never been so good before !
You have to sell that piece of software, it has a HUGE potencial !

In the architecture visualisation field this is absolutely necessary because you have to model a customer specific tree within a very short time in a good quality. It’s always very hard to find treemodels in high quality which look the way customers want it.

Why is for iOS only ?
What would it cost to port that software to other platforms, would it cost more than an iPad ? :wink:

Please let us know.

Kind regards

oh man, I’d love to have a linux version of this. it’s awesome!

Yeah me too, makes me almost wanna buy an ipod only for this :slight_smile:


I just tested your app and it’s simply amazingly good.
It’s so easy and fun to use.
You should sell it so you could make some money from it.
I’d love to have a native OS X program for it :yes:

Thanks for making and sharing it!

Great work, I love it… such intuitive way to build complex, natural and good quality trees.


Wow!! how come this app is free. Don’t get me wrong I like it that it is free but to be honest, I’d be willing to pay even 10$ for this app. (10$ for an app on the App Store is big money)

In the future keep version 3 free but:
You should definitely make a paid version (version 4??) That way, not only would you make money out of it but you could please other platform owners thru their respective app store.

Bottum line… I think you don’t realize how Pro this app is. (similar add ons are quite $$$ aka plant factory - dont forget, you need Vue to play with it.)
Suggestions for version 4: Make the base (ground level) less conic (maybe add the ability to insert roots)
And maybe different export solutions. And last suggestion if it can be done: the ability for custom texture (via iTune??) leaves and trunk.

But with all that said: Thanks a lot for this app.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this app ever since you released version 1. I want it so badly but I will not buy an iPad just for that.

I would definitely pay for a PC/Linux version of this with tablet support. Please tell me that there are plans to port it over? :slight_smile:

I got this reply after mailing the developer.

Hi David,

Indeed the thought of porting it to the desktop has been tempting me for a long while, but unfortunately I have not had the time to do it yet. While it is still something I would like to do one day, I can not promise anything.

All the best,
Steven Longay
TreeSketch Developer

Looks like we have to be patient.

Maybe it runs on a iPad Emulator ?
Does an iPad Emulator exist ?

Kind regards

When I import the .obj and re-attach the material this is what I get for a render result. Messing around with the render and material settings hasn’t worked. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong. I am thinking I am just overlooking something simple. Thanks for any help!

EDIT: NVM. I got it!

Hey Steven,
Great development!
Sadly the app is only available on the US App Store.
Will it be possible in the future it gets a EU release?