Treevillage, redoing everything.

Hey, about 2 years after I started it, I’m redoing this piece since I lost everything due to computer failure. But here it is, redone from the only file I had left, …which was one big, overly subdivided tube. Any crits are welcome, yet again, What could be improved, what is it you’d like to see, anything. I have a little inspiration dip, and I’m kind of hoping this will pull me right out of it.

Thanks in advance, Daniel


nice work so far ^^
why don t you try a rope made of cylinders? perhaps with a fitting texture that makes the rope realistic
hope i could help

Yeah thought of that, trying… maybe it’ll work, I’m goin to keep going untill it’s finished… damnit :stuck_out_tongue:

Ewoks. Homeworld: Endor.

Also reminds me of the Channelwood age in the original Myst.

Myst… hey that reminds me… of … mIst :stuck_out_tongue: great idea :P(btw, there are going to be more trees and houses and stuff… but it’s a begin:P

Little update…uhm… I think I can find better textures…, but, this’ll do for now. First internal, second Yafray,… which one looks better?


No textures for now, just plain things, still a little update:p


imo the second one is better as the first one looks like there is a spot light. in the second one the light is more decent so it looks more realistic. but anyway it depends on the effect you d like to achieve how your lighting is.
keep up the good work
btw, very nice ‘daytime’ renderer^^

So, nighttime with yafray would be better? and daytime internal? I guess I’ll check for yafray tuts to see what lightsettings are okay… internal 1 sun or hemi with AO usually works for me:P.

Ehm… yeah, update,… I know the trees or whatever aren’t finished and stuff, but for once I’m actually pleased with the result… could be better ofcourse… but I’m taking it easy, don’t want to kill my computer(28790 verts… and my 1 Ghz pentium 3 … well, I don’t want to waste days rendering previews, I have to be carefull with what I add, soon, I’ll try and buy a new computer).

C+C… still greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


yeah… update… put up a mountain, thinking of changing the bridge into a solid bridge instead of this thing(which isn’t even attached to… anything.

Rendertime: 27.50
Verts: 47046


how realistic is the result supposed to be? because if i know that i can tell you the things i d change. but nice mountains, work on ^^

tell me, please do… it isn’t suposed to be superrealistic, I don’t dare trying realism yet, I’m just working and see how it works out… but what would you change?

For the ropes you could try extruding a circle along a bezier curve. The ropes that you have there at the moment don’t seem to follow a smooth curve.

And yet another update… screw the bridge


I like the new bridge much better actually.

Very impressive. Like a version of Lothlorien (LOTR Elf City?) Very stylish use of walkways.

You mean Caras Galadhon, in the Naith of Lorien.

ehm… if only I had the skills to do that stuff… I was thinking of something like that… or a mix between that and the village in cliffs in The Time Machine… but… I not that good(and I don’t know how to use nodes or python yet, so the faked sss… well… I’d need know it to make that work:P

Hey, I came across a cd with some old .blends… so picked them up again. Started texturing this thing… just basic things, nothing fancy… so… gettin’ better?