Trefoil Star Pendant aka Cayley Surface - Possible in Blender?

Tutorial is here:

Trefoil Pendant - 3dsMax

More info on Cayley Surface here:

(Possible Mathematical Solution?)

and here:

I am no mathematician so, those more well versed in the mathematics
of the Cayley Surface can jump in here.

I’ve gotten as far as:

(attached Blender file)

trefoil_pendant_WIP_blend.blend (928 KB)

One key difference here is the “Squeeze” modifier of 3dsMax.

There doesn’t seem to be, that I’m aware of, a comparable
option in Blender.

Seems like this might also lend itself to creation using Nurbs,
also something I lack expertise in.

Given all this, is there a way to do this in Blender?

Just curious.

I saw his video a few days ago.

Not 100% like the modifier in 3ds max but close enough.

Case closed.

Here’s a low poly version, 86 verts, all quads. Solidify and subsurf mods.
Blend on dropbox

All that and nodes too.

(Bows to the Master(s))

You make it look easy.

Thanks for that.

Dumb question.

What is THIS? I’ve tried everything I can think of and I don’t get
THIS. How do you?:

If I’m going to get what you got, I’ve got to be able to do what
you do, and that means being where you are and seeing what you

And I’m not.

I’ve seen it, I think once before, but, I don’t remember where.

I’ve looked at your settings in the video and tried to mirror them,
still no luck. It’s not readily apparent to me.

So, forgive my ignorance (or point me in the right direction).

Oops, I think I found it: Modifier Subsurf. If there’s more to it,
let me know.

Looks like it’s the result of having multiple modifiers open in
Edit mode before they’re applied. Yes?

I remember having seen something in a youtube video about S-Shift-Z (locking down the
resize axis). Shift-Z didn’t work for me as well as Shift-Y. Pretty much same result.

Tutorial is up so no need for my explanation.

Yeah, I saw that.

Model A Trefoil Star Pendant In Blender 2.75