Trembling pebbles

Basically, I want to create a scene where there are trembling pebbles. If you don’t know what I mean refer
to the video below. Around 2:25-2:30 you can see simba looking at some trembling rocks caused by the fast approaching stampede.

I figured out how to set up the particle system but can’t figure out how to have the particles actually jump around the way they do in the video. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

its not terribly physically accurate, but you can create a ground plane, and set it as a collider in the physics tab. keeping the particle dampening low will cause the particles to bounce when they strike the collider. if you animate the ground collider shaking, it’ll keep the objects bouncing. if you are finding you need greater precision in how your pebbles collide and react, blender 2.66 has made it much easier to work with bullet physics, which i find is the better solution as long as you don’t have thousands of objects. (i’ve used it for a shot of several hundred pieces of debris blowing down a street in a hurricane with realistic tumbling).

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately, I actually tried this already and got some strange results. When I animated the plane collider, for whatever reason, the rocks fell and reacted as though the plane was staying still. Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

seemed to work without issue for me. i made a quick blend file for you to test. i’m using the current version of blender (2.66) in case that makes a difference.

I opened your uploaded .blend file but is was nothing but the default scene. I’m assuming that’s not what was supposed to be in there.

thats odd. i just re-downloaded the file to test and it opens fine. not sure what to suggest. what version of blender are you running? anyway here is a video of the result.

Opens fine for me, and a very cool sim/animation to boot. 2.65.

Yeah, I’ll have to figure what’s wrong on my end. Thanks for the help anyways.