TremulousX ninja suit..

how may polys is 2 much for a current gen game?

Im on a decent pc and this renders pretty fast, but im not sure about game fast…

21951 faces,

anyway to collapse all my textures together?


That sounds like about 2x too much. The way they do it now is to make a high-poly model, then they bake off the normals of the high-poly onto the low poly.

Can we see some wires, or something a bit clearer?

Here is a wireframe, Im probably just going to start over with a new model from scratch,


Just make the lowpoly model over the highpoly and bake normals and textures.And the polycount for lowpoly models depends on the number of characters you are planing to display on the screen at the same time. I think about 1000-1500 poly is good for a lowpoly model.
-sorry for my english-