Trench Coat needed for character

I need a trench coat around 1-3k faces max, the lower the better, i wil send
the .blend with character fully textured so you can work around it.

What i need

  1. Diffuse
  2. Normal
  3. Spec

Please no PM just drop your portfolio and price.

Kind regards, Chaos

i can make the trench coat her my works

Amazing work please drop how much you charge by hr or object…

I will work for 10 $

People can you please drop how much a hour and how long it will take or how much
you will charge personally. Thank you.

I would do it for 25 USD and could have it done by tomorrow.

I can made it in an hour or two and I hope that you send me the character of game And sent me a photo to Create a coat like her