Trench Scenes

Hi guys, I’m working on a WW1/Steampunk movie and I need criteria on my trenches. Here is a scene that takes place in the morning

Any texturing tips? Also, I am looking for clothes modelers, please message me if you can make clothes. There’s 8 of us working on the project but none model clothes.

maybe light the scene up a bit better. Right now it is kind of hard to depict whats there. It might appear fine to you because your the creator and you know whats in it. I can understand it some what but it is still important to get the right lighting in order to make it look truly real. Your textures seam fine at the moment, but I think you are applying to much bump. If you can improve both of these it would be some what easier to critique your work. Of course you can all ways do what you think is best.
Hope this helped,

Good feedback here is my next attempt:

Any lighting or texturing suggestions?

Yes, some light.

Good yet? Its going to be a cloudy and foggy morning so I don’t want to use excessive light.

First off, I like the grey miserable tone here. I’s right for the setting, and your modelling is great. I think a few of the textures need a little more work. I’m not sure what that thing top left is - it looks like a tarpaulin with entirely the wrong texture, and the uv mapping on the table legs looks off…

What this scene rally needs, though, is more dust. Airborne and settled. I’m not really sure how best to achieve it. Adding depth-of-field and fogging will definitely help, though.

Thanks for the suggestions and opinion! Half the movie will be grey and miserable. Yes, the top thing is a tarp with a horrible texture lol. As for the legs of the table, I’ll fix them but they will still look pretty bad because normal maps are harder on vertical surfaces. And dust. I have a volunteer who can make dust. Very helpful suggestions. Anything else?

Looking really good. It might not matter once it is in scene and you are animating but you could add more “creature comforts” to give it the lived in look (for lack of a better way of putting it.) People were in those trenches so they would have had things like coffee pots, cigarettes, trash, letters from home, etc. Anything to indicate the presence of real people would be good. Hope that makes sense…and it might not matter or not depending on camera time in the scene or other elements going on or it might be more detail than you are shooting for. Other than that, everything is looking great.

Yes, I’ll add creature comforts. Almost forgot! I’m going to add matches and cigarettes (very low poly.) What would I do in terms of trash besides shell casings?

Cigarette roll paper is made! How’s it look? This is what the tobacco was wrapped in.

Is this lit with 3 point lighting? If not, maybe try that to get rid of some of the really sharp shadows. Also, some atmospheric fog would help the atmosphere. The lamp should probably be lit to provide some different coloring too. Some yellow in the lamp would provide some much needed contrast. I get that you’re going for depressing morning scene, but without contrast it quickly becomes boring to look at.

Its on environment lighting right now, it’d probably be a good idea to switch to 3 point lighting. Think I should use implied lighting on an evening scene?
Btw, leaves texture is from

Any more suggestions? Is it finished?

Still looking so dark that we can hardly see your details.

Still too dark for a trench? Ok, anything else?

Here’s a cigarette packet:

Cigarettes at the time were geared towards soldiers, and would usually feature trenches or soldiers on the front. I also had to keep this design minimal, so that I don’t endorse smoking in any way. Any suggestions please?

Candle above made by m_squared

Thanks for the credit…
I like the last scene you made the most (the most brightest one), because you can see the details… I think it’s missing a weapon or two placed somewhere… also the glass of the lamp is too reflective, should be more transparent…

Weapons have already been made (thanks to d3wo) but I have yet to texture them. I also had a desaturating effect on the scene in the node editor, but its likely I won’t use it, because like everyone said, you want to see the details. So any other suggestions? Missing anything besides weapons?

Yes, implied sounds good. Either a sunset type key light, or a moon light.