Trend Micro Anti-Virus Problem

Hi everyone, I have Trend Micro on my computer, and I haven’t had trouble with it until resently, what has happened is that its root folder is taking up about 330 GB’s, and there is no way an anti virus should be taking up that much room, its in a folder called log, and there are three files in there called, wfp log, tdi log, and lwf log, it is impossible to delete them, I’ve been thinking about deleting our anti virus and see what that does, but I was wondering if there was another solution, a similiar problem someone has had with it, is it a virus in an anti virus?

Email their tech support. I had a problem a while ago and they fixed it. They get back to you pretty quickly. Include screenshots if you can.

remove it and install Avast

I remember those days and fun with trying to do something simple under Windows. Thank you god for GNU/Linux user friendly GUI.


after a quick googleing of Trend Micro I found mainly sites which do not rate it high.

You might want to try out Panda Cloud AV a lightweight and very effective AV.
Or if you also need a webshield the new Avast 5.04 Free. It comes not only with a
virus checker but also a realtime protection suite.

Both I only know are highly ranked and effective.

Problem is being solved, I erased trend and am going to download avast in a moment. At trends end it was taking up 340GB of system memory. Wow, a lot, now its much better, we were down to 120GB left, running kinda low there. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! :slight_smile:

The new Avast is the only former commercial product I know which for free also offers real time protection.
It is good and fast.

If that one bugs down you system try Panda.

Well I tried to download avast, but when I got to the site it redirected me to another, and when I got there it said," Your download should begin in a moment." But it never did, it just sat there, and finally after a while it would open a new page saying “thank you for downloading” So I don’t know, maybe the site is down.

Try right click and save as here.

oh the irony!

That’s what you get for running “anti-virus” software at all.

You don’t need it. At all.

If you run Windows, just be certain that you never run it as an Administrator, and that you do have sensible passwords in place. It should not be possible for you, nor for any software “running as ‘you,’” to modify any system-wide registry entries, nor to alter any system files. Period. If this is the case, then pretty much anything that a piece of malware could attempt to do is stymied: they, literally, can’t do it.

Finally … there is a very good “Microsoft Backup” utility – it’s right there under Tools when you right-click on the C-drive and choose “Properties.” It can be set up to run backups automatically, and to put those backups into a place (on an external drive) that can’t be modified. If this is the case, then if malware did try to destroy something, you could get it back.

The most bewildering thing about “the ‘virus’ phenomenon,” aside from the notion that people believe digital computers can “get sick,” is that people have put up with it and have compensated their working habits for it … completely taking it for granted, as though it were a wintertime head-cold.

Umm, well thank you for that speech, but I have a whole familly of computer illiterat people using this desktop, and they would never understand how to do anything. So I’ll just keep the solution simple.


umm, well, I cannot agree here at all. In case you point is right then I ask myself why on universities where the windows runs as a guest virus infections are more than high and common.

In case it would be so easy I would assume everybody would follow it as well.