Trend Micro

FYI, Trend Micro Security is now blocking this site as potentially dangerous. My guess is it’s being caused by the latest issues of the forum. I posted request for it to be reviewed. A moderator though may want to follow-up on getting the site cleared.

I don’t know if it matters or not but perhaps there is a string entered wrong in the forum setup? Trend is also flagging a redirect from to (missing the www.) Hopefully I won’t keep getting blocked …

You could run Trend’s console and and turn off protection against web threats under “internet and emails protection” tab. However this will unprotect you from all the sites you browse, so you can add to the Trend approved websites under the same tab.

OR you could run Firefox from Linux installation.

Yes, thanks for the tip, I had already added blenderartists to the filter though. My thinking was though that the admin/mods of this site don’t want to be flagged on black lists (they tend to like to figure out why a service such as Trend has determined them a threat) and create awareness for other members.

OK good thinking. I am somewhat suspicious of Trend from past experience, and now that my subscription is running out
I suddenly get the same message on same day as you have and for the website I visit almost every day. I will be using Microsoft free ‘Microsoft Security Essentials’ when Trend ends even though anything Microsoft does not put me at ease.

BTW right now I am on while testing Tinycore linux which runs programs from a squashfs type system and from a usb pendrive, talk about seeking web browsing security!