Trevor - Floating Kid Robot

My first rig…

Trevor - Floating Kid Robot.

Just updated the model with a proper hand… I had a crazy idea for the thumb - but just changed it to a regular human hand style thumb.

This shot shows the shoulder tracks and I applied a few shape keys for fun.

Still to come…

-Um make the left hand match the new right hand!
-Shoulder track itself needs some love… have some materials in mind.
-make all existing shape keys bone driven. ( rework with lip sync in mind )
-Keep improving as I learn more…


This is neat! I was thinking you should make two more, one blue and one green or yellow, and then have them like beating and slapping each other. It would be hilarious I think, to have them taking hits and to see different funny expresions like this one. Have them make up and share a can of oil afterwards!!!:smiley: