Trex vs Budweiser- DEATHMATCH! Now in Sterio!

must see T.V.

animation 12 meg

What do ya think!

Added sound 5.14.03

There didn’t seem to be any shadows, and the textures across the T-rex’s nose looked stretched, but otherwise very good.
And weird, v.v.weird…
Too much time on your hand methinks.

Too much free time? I am the president of Too Much Free Time Inc. :slight_smile:

HA HA HA HA, that’s too funny! I’d never imagine that a beer will win a fight! lol!

[Edit] I pushed “enter” too fast before I could type anything more… anyways, the shadows are all wrong in my opinion, you should tweak that. That’s all I can think of. Good luck! [/edit]

Cool :slight_smile:

I hope you get paid by B.W. for this promo…


nice, very nice.
the dinosaurus could have made some more movements before the attack… but… I like the idea, that bottle doesnt move or anything… it’s just bottle.


Haha! While many technical aspects (like the lighting/shadows etc.) can be improved, I really liked the idea and the cinematography. Very funny indeed.

If I were you I’d try and make the animation a bit more abrupt, jumpy and exaggerated to make it more cartoon-like - I think it would make it funnier. Right now, the animation is quite slow and smooth and is very indicative of using the default bezier Ipo interpolation. Get those Ipo curves into edit mode and tweak some more! :slight_smile:

You’re right. It definately has that too smooth CG look. thanks. Oh and those shadows, filmed on another planet - multi suns and all that. Actually, it is incredibly accurate. %|

Dude! Nice job!
My only complaint is that his struggling was all the same, and the texture was streched across the nose. Otherwise, it was all great. By the way : alicopey158… if you think that this is wierd, try watching it while listening to Percy Grainger’s “English Country Garden” like I did…