Trying to model a realistic Trex for animation. I’m about to rig it.

he looks like he is walking against the wind

or it looks like its a snap shot of it on its way down after passing out

Yeah dude, think about his center of gravity and how he would have to stand/walk.

Just make the tail about 5 times longer and that should do it :wink:

Actually, guys, look at it. It’s a good base pose - few overlapping parts of the armature, yeah? Center of gravity can be set up after rigging.

that’s not really good practice the way I see it…
get the model in a correct “rest” pose first, and after that build the rig around it.

Or make sure you have a good proportioned rig in a good rest pose to build a mesh around if you have to…

But he have to start somewhere :slight_smile: So I think you’re doing a great thing. Maybee some online model videos can help you with modeling technics?

Fudje is right. I was going off of a reference photo. (Because when I didn’t, I came up with something along the lines of a scary bat rabbit.) The dino in the photo was running, with one leg back. It was half a model with a mirror modifier, so It kind of would have looked strange either way.
Anyway, I am about done with rigging. Now regretting putting so many bones in the arms, (It’s not like Trexs can move their arms that much.)

finished rigging and made a walkcycle. Here is a video.

you have a few problems with the leg rigging.:frowning: Like I always do!:eyebrowlift2: