Tri count

Is it possible to see how many tris a model have and how?

i’m not a hundrend if you can see tris but if you want to no how many faces it listed in the top rught hand coner of the screen, next to the vesion number. the other numbers are vertices and edges and if rember corectly how much mems been used by the modle (sitting at work so i don’t have blender in front of me.

sorry if this aint what you wanted

In Object mode, there is a little button in the buttons window that says decimator and has a number next to it. The number tells you how many triangles you have in your object – all quads wil be counted as two triangles. The numbers in the upper right that have also been discussed here are the number of faces in your model, which could be either quads or triangles. The number in the decimator area will usually be almost double of your face count depending on how you built your model. The decimator is used to reduce the number of tris in your model (although not very well), but, if you do not change the number, it shows the current count.