Trial & Error with Force Fields

What is the best way to setup each force so I can experiment each one through trial & error?

These last 3 days have been relatively frustrating. :mad: Other than wind, I cannot find any tutorials demonstrating the 12 force fields in Blender. I am going for trial & error until someone can point me in the right direction.

I can help you a little with the curve guide, I get it to work by selecting curve (path works quite well) then going into the force field section and selecting curve guide as its forcefield option. Now if you add a particle system to another object ( say a sphere) and allow the particle to “bump” into the curve you will have those particles interact with the curve (they will try to hug the curve and flow down it), this is especially handy when used with hair as the curve will then drive the hair and allow you to move it (as in animate it!). Hope that helps a little. If I find out more on the force fields Ill post it on here, since its something Im working on myself :
Some other things to look at : - has quite a few tutorials on fire and smoke, along with the whirlwind drum affect that was on youtube a while back, could help you get to understand the vortex and wind force fields.

Thks. Never saw that site before. Here’s what I got/links:

[ Wind]
[ Boids ]
[ Curve Guide]

3 down and 9 more to go. Let us see who finds the next 9.

Guys, what is the purpose of having “add (Shift-A)” if the force field “boid” is created in the Properties editor?

Hey there! I have created a tutorial that explains settings and shows the behaviour of the turbulence force field:

Examples for settings are at the very end of the video.

Thank you kindly for sharing your tutorial Raub :slight_smile:
I’ll have a look as soon as possible.